Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do participants need to fast for their screening?

A: For the most accurate measurements, participants should avoid eating or drinking anything but water, black coffee/tea (with no cream or sugar) for at least 9-12 hours before their screening appointment. Participants are strongly encouraged to drink water leading up to their appointment, If participants are unable to fast, they may still participate in the screening event.



Q: Should we provide post-screening refreshments?

A: Providing healthy post screening refreshments for participants is always a great idea when your budget allows. Many participants will have been fasting for a period of time and will be thankful for healthy snacks such as water, juice, granola bars, fresh fruit, etc. At a minimum, having water in/near the screening room is recommended.


Q: How many screenings can be completed in an hour?

A: Screening flow is determined by expected participation, number of screening hours, and room size. HealthXpressions will confirm the appropriate flow rate for your event.


Q: How big does the room need to be?

A: Room size is determined by the expected number of participants to be screened, test options selected, and length of screening. HealthXpressions will send you the required room size soon after you confirm your screening dates and times and will work with you to find the right setting within your worksite for the event.


Q: How do participants schedule for an appointment?

A: We will provide a scheduling tool (usually online or manual) based on the expected participation and flow rate.


Q: Will you accept walk-ins?

A: It is our goal to screen as many eligible associates as possible and will make every attempt to maximize participation by accepting walk-ins. We will honor the scheduled appointments first, and accommodate walk-ins as the screening schedule and supplies allow.


Q: How long does the screening take?

A: Depending on the test options selected, each screening will take approximately 15-20 minutes per participant.

Q: How confidential is the screening?

A: Screening staff adheres to strict policies regarding data privacy. HealthXpressions staff of healthcare professionals is trained to communicate results in a confidential and private manner putting the participant at ease. In addition, HealthXpressions complies with HIPAA regulations.