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    Privacy Statement

    HealthXpressions Int’l is concerned about the privacy interests of consumers and is committed to respecting your privacy.

    Information that we collect

    HealthXpressions Int’l does not acquire any more information about clients than is necessary to provide efficient and secure service. When we collect personal data, we will endeavor to disclose to you how we will use this information. We will take every appropriate step to keep your information secure from other sources. If services we provide include labs completed by a third party, HealthXpressions Int’l will coordinate all of the details between your company and the lab to provide fast, comprehensive and confidential service.

    Information that you send to us

    In general, you may browse online many parts of the HealthXpressions Int’l website without providing any personal information. If you choose to contact us regarding a potential screening or clinic, the information you send to us via email will only be used internally for that specific purpose.
    If you have questions about this privacy policy, please email us.